16 comments on “His family, his friends

    • Oh MoR, wonderful to see you again. You are welcome to lurk, like I do πŸ™‚ But when you do drop in a line, I will love that too. Hope life is treating you well. Take care. Bisou, au revoir.

  1. What a nice thought!! And what a photo!! Will you plz tell me what s/w did u use for processing this photo and exactly what you did with it?

    • Dear Suda,
      Thanks for the compliments.
      The Europe summer sunshine can be very bright and blinding, and the aim and shoot photos without filters or setting shutter speed come out faded and over exposed. I usually don’t use photography as an art, I just try to keep some souvenirs. (I hope to take up a course in future). Anyway, I don’t devote much time to taking a single photo. And for this photo with winged subjects needed me to click fast!
      So this was the case with this photo. So I covered it up by making it sepia (I used Photoscape, though I use Photoshop pro for tinkering around, but am experimenting with Photoscape now). I didnt do anything else. Oh yes, I made the photo frame with Photoscape too.
      Best wishes,

  2. Hey ! wonderful pic ! but why do you think of this as loneliness? Isn’t he happy about the birds being around?

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